Home Makeover

Easy and Simple Do-it-Yourself Home Makeover Ideas

Many of us would want a home makeover after years of living in the same house, coming home seeing the same old items we have had for years. But, when the term home makeover is brought up, often, most of us immediately think about expensive home remodeling that costs a lot and takes a long time to complete – resulting in us just forgetting about the dreams of wanting something new for our house.


The thing is, the home makeover doesn’t necessarily mean costly renovation – makeovers can be something as simple as moving items from one room to another, switching furniture pieces, and the like. And, with just a little bit of time combined with creativity, you can create simple and easy do-it-yourself decorations that will help you give your home a makeover.


Here are some ideas you can easily try to give your home a makeover without spending much:


Putting your kids’ drawings in frames and creating an art wall. – Having a wall solely dedicated to your kids’ drawings, paintings, or artwork won’t only add something new to your home, it might even inspire your children to create more artwork and make them feel appreciated.


Repurpose old items in your home and turn them into decorations. You can paint old glass jars and re-purpose them as desk organizer or containers for small toiletry items.


Re-painting some parts of the home yourself can also add spice to your home. Changing the paint color of particular doors, curtain walls, or specific furniture pieces can help in your home makeover project.


You can use old plates as wall decorations. If you’re feeling rather artsy, you can even paint these plates before putting them on the wall to make them even more unique.


Adding potted plants indoors, especially in bare, vacant spaces can bring more life to the room. Placing plants indoors can also help your home have better air quality.